Hey dear beautiful soul,, with a smile,

i welcome you to my beautiful, Mystic, Artistic and Expressive  world.


 Our priority creates the way for our life. It has very much authenticity in our real life philosophy. I believe that ,,, Life is always beautiful ,,if you see it beautifully. Life is a game of the Universe with  darkness and light, negative and positive, no and yes, breath-out and breath-in,, go and come, down and up, hate and love, bad and good, throw and accept, sadness and happiness, small and big, give and take, ,, etc.....

Let's come to the point. Hi,, i am Aruno,, from east of India. i enjoy the life with my own beliefs and techniques in my authentic way,, with due respect to all others. I am a Massage therapist from a deep background of  White Tantra. if you have any bodily problem and you would like to share with me,, may be we can try to heal it together. You can book an appointment with me, with a simple text in the message box. You can also try for a small free session to know more about my work method. For the price and place,, we can both discuss together and find a comfortable zone. I work in this profession since many years and developing into more better version of me, day by day. Clients and my friends tell that i have a good hand. You can also try ,, to be healed by my energy ,, or to heal you by yourself with some beautiful methods.

Coming from the mystic land INDIA, with a spiritual, yogic, tantra, Reiki, natural ancient healing, ayurvedic, mantra, massage, meditational, introverted experience, i am developing my knowledge and skills day by day in my artistic, musical, dancing (TANGO) journey in to extroverted world. I would be really happy to share my knowledge and experience and service with you ,in the particular perspective field.

you will find some information about me and my favorite hobby including some cool photos from my Tango Shows and Taxi Dancing flow.

If you want to know more about me or my working style, work experience, you can write me personally an email.

if you want to take guidance from me or would like to learn with me,, i would like to go for that. May be i will also surely learn something from you. A student learns once , but a teacher learns two times. Once he learns as a student and next time ,while teaching he learns it another time with a better understanding. Please remember, i am not a teacher,, may be a senior student, that can help the juniors to grow little bit. because we learn always from each other. You can count me, just as a friend,  philosopher and guide,, in my particular respective fields. 

Subjects like Tantra, Yoga, Singing, Dancing, Ayurveda, Natural food healing , Philosophy, etc,, you  can contact me to have understanding and to grow.  I don't tell that i am the best among others,, but surely my today version of me is better than my yesterday version.

I come from a typical east indian family,, but i am very much open to learn new things and much open to explore the life to different extents in a beautiful way. We stay young in mind,,as long as we keep on learning new things. 

Life is never perfect,, so we all are also not perfect. But with this acceptance of imperfections, what we can do our best that to try, to make the life more beautiful and more beautiful ,, with little bit consciousness, understanding and with respect ,to self and others.  You know, each of us, has a special beauty and quality on this earth. So there is no competition, in between,, rather only respect to each other. Because we are all special individuals. I believe that there is a purpose,, that we are born on this earth as a human being,, with a super brain and super bodily possibility. 

Lets find out , who we are really in this body and mind,, through this body and mind, with joyful, blissful  application of biggest tantra methodology and sacred love, towards the direction of liberation (mokshya) and to find out the best gift, what we can give the best to the earth. 

The nature and the animals are our real basic teachers. The ancient Tantra method comes from the animal technique actually. I come from a Tantra family , where i started learning many different Tantra healing techniques from my Maternal grandfather when  i was a small child. 


My Massage or therapy technique includes mostly the energy from white tantra,, with the combination of yogic balancing touch, reiki, and ayurveda technique. 

I also offer red tantra massages. Its bit intensive and bit intimate,,but with full of trust and respect to the clients. 

( important : Please don't misunderstand,, its not a sex work ) 

And if you want to get in touch with me, just click on Contact.

YOU are a born masterpiece,, just live it.

                                                                                                    ...... Aruno